I got to spend the week at Art Basel, Miami with people I’m lucky enough to call friends.  Even a delayed flight resulted in the closest thing to a viral video, I’ve produced.  I also took some time to type out my takeaways from the week.  Enjoy.
1. Love first.
The is nothing better than watching someone love something deeply.  It’s contagious & you’ll end up loving that thing too.  Far to often we try to learn stuff before we love it.  When we love it first the learning naturally overflows.
2. VIP is not an identity.
It’s really easy to think VIP is an identity, especially when it says it on your ticket to the party, but it’s not.  In the end it’s more important who you are with, than what party you are at.  I think this is because your people shape you.
3. Everybody has a dream.
For a couple years now, my friends and I share our goals & dreams for the next year.  It’s clarifying for me to know what mine are.  Saying them out loud reminds me what  I’m aiming for.  Our goals are as diverse and individual as our group, but in the end, we know we aren’t in it alone.
So each year…listen for it.
                         ask about it.
                         support it…and amazing things happen.
4. Know when to stop.
The very best art I saw knew when to stop.  When the artist didn’t give me all the details, not only was the piece better, but I got sucked in.  My brain filled in parts of the story & I became a part of it.

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