I used to believe in inspiration, I guess I still do; but our relationship has changed.  Nowday, I believe in the everyday.  As I stand on the cusp of 2016, I find myself asking, “What will do do everyday this year?”

For me, the answer is write; but, even more important than the answer, is the question.  It’s one I suggest asking yourself as we begin the year.  Something happens when you do something each and every day.

Day 1:  that’s really what todays blog is for me.  This isn’t my first rodeo, so there are a few things I know.

These first days, it will flow easy.  The quality won’t matter, it will feel good just because it’s new.  It’s essential to leverage this initial energy and excitement by actually counting the days.  If you are lucky, once that first “should I do this today” battle happens you will have enough days under your belt that you won’t want to break the chain.

Remember there will be battles, days when you neither results nor growth nor end in sight.  There will also be days of inspiration when it all flows easily.

Finally, when you are in it for the long hall, you need to mix it up.  For me it is writing everyday but at least one day a week I take a Sabbath.  I still write this day, but I do a poem.  Unless I’m ridiculously inspired I don’t write poetry any other day, but on Saturday that’s all I write.  It mixes it up a bit, cleanses the pallet & at the end of the year I’ll have at least 52 poems.

So what is your #everyday going to be this year?

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