The guiding question for ⏬ is, “Where am I?” A couple times a year, usually around New Year and then at the end of Summer, I do an inventory of the five capitals. Over several days. I ask “Where am I spiritual, relational, physical, mental, and financial?” While it’s more natural for me to look out. Looking down is necessary to get there. We each have a most natural way to look.

It’s confession time. Because I’m a Pastor, I’ve already practiced Lent. My team need to prepare, so I have to get things to them several months ahead of time. Years ago I realized my best rhythm was to practice as I plan. So Lent started on January 8 for me, it was a Monday (I live on a different calendar).

I’d just finished looking down. Spiritually, my devotional rhythm wasn’t where I wanted it. Relationally, my family had drawn close and hunkered down. This was good, but my connections with wider circles was lacking because of it. Physically I was in the worst shape of my life. I saw some success as looked down too, these were some areas I needed to grown.

After I looked up (we’ll get there Thursday) they were the ones I chose to looked out on.

Going in I knew I needed Sabbath, a weekly day to press pause. For those who have practiced Lent, it’s only fourty days if Ash Wednesday is day one and you take Sunday’s off. Pressing Pause is that important. If you fast on Sundays you’ve gone forty-seven days once you hit Easter. I did the math.

I also did the math on January 8, as I started my Lent. When I realized I’d be done with my goal of written daily reflections on February 10, and that Ash Wednesday wouldn’t kick off Lent for another four days later, I decided I’d share them as a blog.

It’s essential to look down before you actually start to move out. So let’s start there…

Look Down Where are you spiritually? Where are you relationally? Where are you physically? Where are you mentally? Where are you financially?

+ + +

Every so often (usually 10-14 days) I ⏪Look Back⏪ and when I do, I share it. If you want to know what I saw, sign up for my email. (The first one goes the Friday after Easter.)

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Post Script….

Looking down isn’t a one and done thing.

As I write this, it’s February 4. I’m overwhelmed. I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m not preaching this weekend, but I’m supposed to be finishing the sermon series that will bring us into summer. Like I said, I live on a different calendar.

Another self imposed deadline is to drop the proposal for Finding Tov in the mail on Friday, March 2 before Kaitlyn and I go to Disneyland. On top of that, my trainer suggested adding a couple of fasting cardio workouts since we were doing heavy weights light reps this week. Plus, somewhere along the line, I’d decided I could write a blog for every day of Lent, the American style Lent with forty-seven days.

I’ve got ten days until regular Lent.

I thought I could finish editing Chapter One on Friday. It will take total focus every morning this week to complete. Because of this I’m paused at Proverb 23. They will not be written before Lent starts, especially if I want to get Chapter Two edited. I need to write twenty-four more before lent starts.

I looked down, that’s what I see, that’s where I am.

When Tricia called me and told me Adeline has blisters behind her ears and on her hands, the doctors think she has a virus, my first though was I can get more work done. Somethings got to give.

As you can tell, I’m not blogging every day until March starts. We’ll look at how I got there Thursday, as we look up.

One of the questions that got me there was, since spiritually, my devotional rhythm wasn’t where I wanted it was “What does Spiritual health look like, for me in this season?” I’d love to hear your answers in the comments below.

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