People have said I’m creative for as long as I can remember. Until I actually studied it, people also generally rolled there eyes when they said. Nowadays, I cut them off with book recommendations before they can. Then I mention I took classes on creativity in graduate school. If you are struggling with looking up, I put the book recommendations at the end of this blog.

In Psalm 50:10 it says God

for every animal of the forest is mine,

    and the cattle on a thousand hills.

the context is sacrifices, but it was my basis for creative thought. There is always more than I initially see, everything can grow and the options really aren’t as limited as I initially think.

So, what are your options? That’s really the guiding question of looking up. To stick with the where questions ( was “Where am I going?” and was “Where am I?”) we can phrase it “Where could I go?” Having all the where’s match is nice, but I’ve always preferred “What are my options?”

When I looked down and saw I was in the worst shape of my life, my next step was to look up and ask where could I go? I could sign up for a marathon, I’d done that before (part of looking up, is sometimes looking back too — we’ll get there Monday). I could join a gym closer to my house. I could just own that I’m coming up on my forty-third birthday and this was life now. I could hire a trainer (when I looked out, that’s the one I ended up picking).

When it came to not likening my devotional rhythm, my look up question became, “What does Spiritual health look like, for me in this season?” A better devotional rhythm limited my look up options. Right now healthy spirituality could be more Bible reading, more prayer, more listening, less Bible and more meditation, less meditation and more action, this list got long quick. Looking back was a key in looking out. In the end I picked written daily reflection on Proverbs. Although that changed a bit it’s where I started.

A key in moving from looking up to looking out is picking something. In The Four Disciplines of Execution Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling show that two or three wildly important goals, WIGs, is all we can handle at once. If you want to get anywhere pick a few things at a time. in one week, I’ll be sharing my 31 days of reflections on Proverbs. I really hope that it is one of the things you pick. I’d rather you pick two or three things out out of your looking up, and this blog not be one of them them than to pick to many goals and fail (this blog will be here when Lent is over).

+ + +

A Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can be More Creative by Roger Von Oech is the first book I read on creativity. It’s a great place to start. I also got to spend several days learning from C. McNair Wilson. For years I recommended his Imaginu!ty: Recapturing Your Creative Spirit, but it’s only available on VHS, so now I recommend his book Hatch!: Brainstorming Secrets of a Theme Park Designer. Incase you are wondering, the theme park was Disney. While Kaitlyn was there she took a course as part of the Disney College Program and her text was The Seven Levels of Change: Different Thinking for Different Results by Rolf Smith.

+ + +

Every so often (usually 10-14 days) I ⏪LOOK BACK⏪ and when I do, I share it. If you want to know what I saw, sign up for my email. (The first one goes the Friday after Easter.)

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