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Monastic orders have three vows: poverty, chastity, and obedience.

Another way to look at it is they answer “no” to three questions. The vows made more sense to me when I look at them that way. These are big questions and some people should answer no to them. Even if “no” isn’t your answer, each of us should decide how we will deal with the big three: money, sex, and power.

My friends answer these questions differently. Some of them have taken other vows: simplicity, purity, and accountability.

Years ago I got to spend a couple weeks with people from T.O.M. (The Order of Mission) in Sheffield, England — simplicity, purity, and accountability are there answers. Immediately after that, I hopped on a plane and spent some time with S.O.L. (The Servants of Love) in Wicklow, Ireland. Being exposed to very different answers to the same questions back-to-back shaped me. Each group passionately and personally lived out their answers. What fascinated me was how they got there and that they took the time to ask the question and owns an answer. Later I realized how rare it is that people wrestle with answers.

Today as I read Saying 19 I realized drinking is another one of those things that people have wrestled with for a very long time. Like sex, money, and power there are nuanced personal answers to the question of booze. There are benefits, dangers and a rich history. As I Look Out⏩ one of my Thursday blogs each month will wrestle with this. Starting late April, I’ll be teaming up with some friends to release a special craft cocktail and conversation guide. I think the conversation is worth having, and like my monastic friends, I have some friends whose answer is simply no, for various reasons.

For today, ⏬ Look Down what is your relationship with alcohol?

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