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If books are where you go to find the truth, then why do we call the place that stores them a lie-brary?

Many pseudo-phiosopical people have asked this question, but it only works in English. In Latin, where we got the word library (libraria), libra means book. It makes sense that a bookshop has the word book in it.

Some kids built with legos. Putting blocks together, then taking them apart and rearranging them to build something different, is fun. I struggled with dyslexia, so somehow playing with words was fun for me.

In Hebrew, the language the Proverbs are written in, the root word for wicked is evil. Before I realized that, I read Proverbs 28:1

The wicked flee though no one pursues

But the righteous are bold as a lion.

with a lot of judgment.

Evil is

living tov in a way that keeps something from living tov

(tov is the Hebrew word we translate as good). Since evil is the root word of wicked, if you’ve heard, “It’s kill or be killed,” you’ve heard a wicked person speak.

If this is the world you live in, you are going to be a bit jumpy, having to live looking over ones shoulder does that. No one like this.

There was a study out of Johns Hopkins that got turned into a book called Power the Infinite Game. It reveled how many of us live into evil. Like todays Proverb, it calls us to live a better way. The Hebrew word for this is righteousness and we’ll dig into that tomorrow.

Look Down What’s my world? Do I tend to believe that to get more, someone else has to get less?

Look Up Where you are living into wickedness, getting yours at the expense of someone else, what are other options?

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