I press pause on Saturdays. Sunday starts my work week. Your rhythm may vary.

Generally, you won’t hear from me on Saturday or Sunday… at least not here. However, on Sunday I’m usually giving a sermon. If you’d like to listen they are on iTunes or Google Play.

At Promise, where they let me be the Pastor, one of my favorite things is Promise Connect. For 8-10 weeks (depending on the time of year) 4-12 people get together for about an hour and connect with each other while connecting the sermon to their everyday life. We provide a sheet of questions, to help guide this.

We’re in the middle of a series right now, but will be kicking off a new one on Sunday, April 15. The last Promise Connect sheet will go up on June 10. So depending on the day they meet, all the groups will be done by Saturday June 16 (the day before Father’s Day). If you are in the Fort Wayne area, please join us. If you aren’t, feel free to start your own Promise Connect (our resources are yours). In fact, let me know if you do and how I can help.

+ + +

For those, who like me love to look out, we press pause for Promise Connect in the summer.

Fall Connect usually lasts 10 weeks (from mid September, the first full week after Labor Day weekend, until mid November, the last full week before Thanksgiving). Fall 2018 will last 10 weeks kicking off Sunday September 9 and the last sheet will go up on Sunday November 11.

We press pause over the holiday season — from before Thanksgiving until after New Year.

Winter Connect is an 8-10 week sessions which kicks off mid January and runs until Easter / Spring Break. 2019 will be 10 weeks and kicks off on Sunday January 13. The last sheet will go up on Sunday, March 17.

We press pause on Promise Connect for a couple weeks while Spring Breaks and Holy Week happen.

Spring Connect happens post Easter / Spring Breakand wraps up around Father’s Day. Like Winter, this is an 8-10 week session. 2019 is scheduled to kick off on Sunday, April 28 and the last sheet will go up on Sunday June 16 (Father’s Day). 2019 will be 8 weeks of Connect.

+ + +

If you are part of Promise, you’ll know where sign-ups go live. If you aren’t in the area, a new Promise Connect session is one of the things I include in my email, so please sign up for it. (One goes out every 10-14 days and the first one is scheduled for the Friday after Easter.)

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