It’s the middle of September & over the next 8 weeks or so, I’ll do the first pass on my Lent sermon series. Nowadays, the average series gets 3 or 4 passes, over four months or so. There’s something in me that really loves the work of the craft.
Writing seems to take even longer, at least for me.  I have a more intensive rigorous editing process. That’s why I’ve never really gotten into blogging. I don’t want to throw something out there that I haven’t given much thought to. The wisdom of Solomon about not speaking without thinking seems more apropos today than it was millennia ago.
Today, I started a series called Your Story Matters (check it out at and in the midst of it I thought a lot about the parallels between story & life.

At the end of  almost every sermon, I end up with a gem or two, that are still on the cutting room floor. Most of the time it’s not bad material.  In fact a time or two it’s been later developed into a series itself. It just doesn’t fit. 

 Could be time. 

 Could be flow. 

 Could be it just got edited out. But it ends up on the cutting room floor.  

My writing and talking are better with a cutting room floor. So is my life.  I love saying yes to stuff. I love new challenges & working hard. But sometimes I just need to cut good things out because they don’t belong, or at least they don’t belong right now.

How would your story be better today if you threw just one thing on the cutting room floor?

What is that thing & what’s keeping you from editing it out.

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